Nike Air Jordan life, share three pairs of air jordan my favorite

Has forgotten from the beginning of that year, to develop a day to sleep before brushing a digital tail. Perhaps hope that you from the high quality of life to enhance their taste, or just enjoy the sense of quality in the “drug addiction” feeling.

In any case, thanks to the digital tail has been friends who accompany these years. I have been diving in various communities for many years, and finally to publish my first article. Tail on the Nike Air Jordan aspects of the article looks like not much, so here to share with you now my favorite three pairs of shoes. I do not like Sneaker, there is not a lot of collections, but love the Nike Air Jordan culture, if there are shortcomings or errors, welcome you Sneakers pointed out. (All pictures are iPhone 6 shooting, camera technology is limited, please forgive me.)

“Nike Air Presto Ultra Flyknit Black”

Air Presto was born in 2000, was originally low to help and the surface of the design. But this year, Nike to the first year of the Presto modeled, the integration of the latest Flyknit technology and Ultra soles, so that double Nike Air Presto Ultra Flyknit once again jumped into the eyes of the people. In fact, this pair of shoes just came out and did not attract me, but after seeing Eugene Tong came to Shanghai after the feet, only to find its charm (forgive me as “there are golden boy” powder). Then began a long purchase process. Some people may ask, how to buy a pair of shoes will be long? Yes, no mistake, that is long. This pair of shoes when I want to buy in fact, has been speculation quite fire, I searched all over Tianjin, Nike stores are still not find what I want the black. Plus my us12 big feet, so buy this pair of shoes is not easy to buy. Walk around a month later, I finally saw in a tb shop has my size, the price is slightly more expensive than the official website, or hesitate to photographed.

Side is the most fascinating angle of this pair of shoes. Was a trapezoidal heel shoe type; not high not in the design; rich sense of the side of the support TPU; pure white in the end of the dotted with a prominent Nike Swoosh. Like a cold warrior, wearing a dark armor to declare their own strength.

Close to the two details of the map, a kind of still holding a half-covered beauty. I enjoy it to take pictures, because no matter from which point of view to shoot, have a different small surprise.

Of course, its ass is also very sexy. In the end of the large design and two large area of ​​the district once again highlights its sense of strength. After the feet, can immediately feel the “step on feces” like pleasure, but yet stable. Fluorescent green insole is simply the finishing touch of the pen, in the overall calm with the color of the distribution of a trace of Mensao atmosphere.

“Converse Chuck Taylor All Star ’70”

I believe Converse is a lot of people “youth” in the campus, you can definitely find a pair of Converse shoes. And this pair of 1970s and ordinary Changqing models have a greater difference. 1970s is actually the senior version of the evergreen section, is based on the 1970 version of the shoes for the re-engraved. Xishan Toru and Yu Wenle and other major tooling enthusiasts are very love this pair of shoes. 1970s can be said to be a pair of cost-effective canvas shoes, compared to the evergreen section, its overall work better, toe more full, more soft and comfortable soles, upper canvas is also more strong.

The front still maintains All Star’s design. Top view can clearly see the work of the line and full of toe.

Toe is my favorite place, compared to the evergreen section is more compact and exquisite. 1970s in the end of the white side have had a layer of oil, daily wear stains are easy to remove, basically wipe with a wet towel on the clean.

Of course, the 1970s ass is also beautiful. My pair is the Samsung star, there is a general standard 70s. As a wild black shoes, it can almost match all your clothes, and after the foot of the step on the feces will make you bounce non-stop, ha ha.


As a love of basketball boy, how can not share a pair of basketball Nike Air Jordan it! As a leading brand of domestic sports brand, Li Ning in recent years by leaps and bounds. At first, I was on the domestic Nike Air Jordan is some prejudice. Because I play like a change to a breakthrough, the pressure on the ankle. Day one year time Wei feet three times. So the choice of the Nike Air Jordan bag more emphasis on the package and protection. In this regard, Nike and adidas are doing more mature, and domestic brands feel slightly worse. Let me have a change in Li Ning is a pair of Wade Road, have to admit, Li Ning Wade after signing the entire basketball series have a great upgrade. Had particularly like Wade Road sleepless, but unfortunately fried because of high prices, almost a shoe hard to find the point, not able to start. Li Ning was also feeling so cattle X, but also fried shoes. Ever since, Li Ning in my heart the lower and higher. Sonic 4 is my first pair of Li Ning’s basket Nike Air Jordan, really did not let me down.

Among the many colors, the most attractive to me is this pair of “haze gray” color, in the deep feelings of Tianjin and the emperor after the haze days, and even the feelings of the haze. Of course, choose fog haze in addition to the appearance of love, there is a very important reason is that only this color is equipped with crystal at the end. The front is simply toxic, the use of a hot melt forming material of the upper left a few irregular shape of the breathable mesh block; and the upper breath of the perfect fusion of Li Ning logo; vamp of white ink embellishment. Are greatly enhance the value of the Nike Air Jordan.

See the physical after more determined I had the choice of haze gray is the right, crystal clear crystal at the end like miles like attractive. Through the soles of the two openings can see a large piece of carbon plate, which increases the soles of the anti-torsion. Plus high to help the design of the upper and followed by solid solid TPU, the whole pair of shoes protection is high. Change the time, can feel the ankle is firmly fixed on the shoes, with a professional ankle use, the basic can farewell Wei feet!

And then came to ass, capitalized speculation that his identity. Attached to a summer vacation at home painting “sound speed IV document photo”. Then took a lot of shoes in one breath, have the opportunity to see for everyone. When you get the shoes, they immediately took a photo with hand painting. A little “Ma Liang’s pen” feeling, quite interesting.

See here, Nike Air Jordan also said almost, the following to share a few of my daily Nike Air Jordan with.

Three pairs of my favorite Nike Air Jordan, although not very tall on the limited shoes, but it is able to let me suddenly “climax”. With the Nike Air Jordan together with the story is also I will miss the memories. Today, Nike Air Jordan is an indispensable part of my life. Go out carefully pick a pair of beloved shoes, with a simple and generous dress, whether it is learning or going out, there will be an inner essence of God. This can not only make yourself feel confident, more importantly, respect for others, in the conversation so that others feel comfortable and clean. Therefore, I basically separated by a fork will be cleaned once through the Nike Air Jordan, which also let some wear a few years of shoes still look clean as new.

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