Into the Air Jordan 5 story

In 1990, in the Air Jordan production line all the way to the fifth generation model, Air Jordan series signature shoes have been in the world of shoes to become a giants. Luxury shoes are always what every child wants, and they ask their parents to buy them a pair. Especially the price of more than 100 US dollars is to allow them to be envious of the children. At that time the shoes are almost old shoes out, let alone shoes can produce to the fifth generation of the series, and Air Jordan done. Jordan Brand did not show signs of slowing down, they launched in 1990, Air Jordan V.

As the designer Tinker Hatfield in the Air Jordan V bold innovation and the design of fighter elements, making the people for the future of Air Jordan has a very bright look. For more history of Air Jordan V, please watch down.

Air Jordan V is the 90’s first pair of Air Jordan shoes, but also the birth of the great 90th generation of the footwear industry began. Air Jordan V was sold in 1990 at $ 125.

Inspired by fighters.

Designer Tinker Hatfield another great work, Air Jordan V biggest design inspiration is from the Second World War when the shark as a symbol of the fighter. The serrated tooth of the serrated teeth is presented at the bottom of the Air Jordan V.

The first year of the four color (the picture is not the first year of the picture, the first year of the Air Jordan V black / metal silver no upper “23” logo)

And now the shoes have a lot of color is different, Air Jordan V’s first year only four pairs of color, including two pairs of details for the opposite color of the “Fire Red” color, and black / metallic silver color, and everyone familiar with the 2013 “White grapes” color.

The number “23” is not every pair of shoes are (the picture for the Michael Jordan player version)

Now almost all of the Air Jordan V engraved shoes with “23” this figure. “But the first year is not the case, only Air Jordan V” Fire Red “(non-picture of this color, for another color” Fire Red “) With “23” embroidery. Only Michael Jordan’s “black / metal silver” color and the figure “Fire Red” color with “23” digital embroidery. Until the 2000 re-sale, Air Jordan V “metal Silver “and” Lenny “began to gradually appear” 23 “digital embroidery.

The history of the most “shiny” shoes

Until Tinker Hatfield applied the 3M reflective technology to the Air Jordan V’s tongue, no one applied the technology to running shoes to increase the visibility of the night run. Tinker’s original intention is to hope that this pair of shoes in the use of reflective material can be more attractive. The first year of the four colors only two pairs of shoes using a 3M reflective tongue (the map of the Fire Red and “black / metal silver” color), 3M reflective tongue has become one of the signs of this generation of shoes. Since then a lot of re-engraved shoes, according to the use of 3M reflective tongue. Such as the whole 3M reflective “Green Bean” color.

Crystal outsole

Air Jordan V another feat is the “crystal bottom” this element to the shoe industry. Crystal outsole has now become a common element inside the shoe design, but imagine in 1990 to see the crystal under the “trapeze” logo is how crazy one thing.

Shoes buckle

Not only for the first time using 3M tongue and crystal bottom of the shoes, Air Jordan V or the first pair of shoes with a shoe design shoes, a small shoe buckle design can save you a lot of trouble. Shoe buckle design in the future Air Jordan 6 and Air Jordan 17.

Asymmetrical shoe collar

Another noteworthy design is the Air Jordan V asymmetrical shoe collar. This design is more ergonomic, for the ankle to create a better support.

Michael Jordan foot on the achievements of Air Jordan V

DAYTON, Ohio — Curtiss P-40E Warhawk at the National Museum of the United States Air Force. (U.S. Air Force pho

Air Jordan V did not allow Michael Jordan to win his first title, but at AIr Jordan VI he reached the feat. Wearing Air Jordan V’s Michael in the Eastern Conference finals lost to the “bad boy Corps” Detroit Pistons. Also let him in the Cleveland Cavaliers when he won his career highest score, 69 points. Also let him get the title of the league scoring for the fourth time.

Classic reengineering

Air Jordan V series is the first selected Jordan Brand 2015 “classic recycling” series of shoes. This week’s sale of Air Jordan V “silver” is one of the representatives. The first sale in 2000, after a lapse of 15 years to meet again in the fans. Let us look forward to Air Jordan V can be followed by the classic design of the first year, “Nike Air” logo, back to our line of sight.

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